The company responsible for the operation must obtain a UAV Operators Certificate (UOC):

  • CASA approval of Company Operations manual, flight Manuals & Maintenance manual
  • Company HES Management Plan
  • Complete a Practical demonstration of the drone services before the CASA regulators.
  • Obtain the required insurances

Individuals responsible for operating the RPAS require certification by CASA. This is achieved by obtaining a UAV Controllers Certificate (CC) or Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) which includes:

  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate
  • Pass an English Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Manufacturer Training & Assessment on the category you will be flying with.
  • 5 hours: You need to have logged 5 hours on the category type you will be flying
  • Either complete private pilot’s licence theory exam (CC) or 5 day theory and training course by approved training provider (RPC).