Mining, Power and Utility companies continue to benefit from the use of RPA Systems by assisting to reduce downtime and overall cost, while improving overall levels of safety. The utilisation of Unmanned Aircraft for asset inspection reduces time and cost, whilst minimising risk. Utilising Multi-Rotor RPA’s with a camera, high resolution video or photos can be used to investigate assets without the need for shutdowns or expensive access systems. Depending on the inspection requirements either live feed and/or post review can be employed. Inspections can be carried out on any asset such as bridges, fixed plant & equipment, buildings, powerlines, pipe lines, railway lines, communication towers and much more.

Photography / Videography

Incorporating high resolution cameras on the RPA system, AIE is capable of producing either high resolution photos or video. With the use of post processing software, the data can be transformed for use in capturing key project milestones, project time lapse videos, project planning, advertising, periodic construction logs, construction assistance and much more.

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