Photogrammetric Mapping

The photogrammetric process takes high resolution aerial photographs with overlapping content. In conjunction with accurate camera locations of each photo and surveyed ground marks, the processed results have multiple survey, planning and engineering uses.

Point Cloud

One of the base products from photogrammetry processing, a high resolution, high accuracy, colour point cloud data format. Points equate to calculated positions in space, accurate to 25mm horizontally and vertically. The data is typically transformed into Digital Elevation Models (DEM’s) for 3D computations.

Digital Elevation Model

accurate 3D representation of the earth’s surface which can be used for volume calculations, slope and drainage assessment, planning and design.

Geo-referenced Orthophoto

Imagery is laid over the terrain and stitched to create one large high resolution photo of a project. The image allows for accurate measurements to be obtained and is also georeferenced (it will match with other data on a known coordinate system).

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